Katie Bautista
Created for a local real estate agent, it is intended to provide essential information quickly while feeling current and uncluttered. Research on real estate websites show that many use the same templates and have the same integrations. With the plethora of sites to search for homes, building and maintaining an IDX site is unnecessary. What was surprising during the discovery phase, was how many realtor sites are either not mobile friendly or the contact information is hard to find. We determined that the number one thing people are looking for is how to get in touch with you, so we made that information sticky to the header and mobile friendly. Aside from distilling the design to essential information, included were two areas for SEO purposes: a frequently asked question area with many key real estate terms and a blog, that would be continually updated with new homes available in the area to help facilitate traffic.
Homepage, desktop and mobile
Site design
Responsive blog
Homepage Mailchimp integration, email capture
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