Valet Anywhere
App Concept
Designed as part of a one day sprint, this product idea aims to solve the problem of parking in highly dense city areas. The requirements included that the user must be able to reserve a spot and make online payments. The solution was an app based on the Valet concept, where a user pulls up to a convenient location and leaves the key with someone else. Typically Valet is associated with a venue, however this solution creates a brand that is independent of another business, but operates just as conveniently. The brand would "own" a parking spot (similar to a 15 minute spot or a Taxi waiting area) near popular locations. The user could either pre-book a location or arrive as you normally would, mark themselves "here" and connect with the valet in-person.

Low-fidelity mockups
Wireframing, task: reserve for tomorrow
User persona
Sketches, sprint and initial wireframing
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